The customer experience is what we’re all about…

At Floors by Angie we’re committed to GROWTH and learning both as individuals, and as an organization. 

We must always focus on building it better.  

We’re hell-bent on creating a better experience for the customer everyday, and we’re DRIVEN to overcome challenges head-on.

We are the best in the world at COMMUNICATION. Sharing our ideas, aligning, and re-aligning when the situation calls for it is what we intend to do best. 

Since we seek first to understand, we’re also the best listeners, understanders, and ultimately – problem solvers.

We’re industry leaders who practice the above values with CARE, tact, and when all else might fail – grace and humility.

Our Heart Is In Appleton

    Many people ask if we’re local, and the simple answer is Yes! Community involvement is our top priority, and we feel it’s our obligation to give back to the local communities who give so much to us.

   Nestled in the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin, Floors by Angie serves as a beacon of excellence in the state’s home improvement industry. While our roots may dig deep in Appleton’s soil, our reach extends far beyond, covering a vast expanse of Wisconsin’s diverse landscapes and vibrant communities. From the urban charm of Madison to the scenic beauty of Door County, the bustling hubs of Wausau and Central Wisconsin, to the tranquil retreats of Northern Wisconsin, our team is always ready to answer the call wherever homeowners seek our expertise.

    With a dedication to quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service, we bring our passion for flooring solutions to every corner of the state. Whether it’s a cozy cottage in Door County or a modern condominium in downtown Milwaukee, we approach each project with the same level of commitment and attention to detail. Our team of skilled professionals takes pride in transforming spaces into sanctuaries, enriching homes with the timeless beauty and durability of our flooring options. No matter the location or the scope of the project, our mission remains the same: to exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression of quality and craftsmanship wherever we go.

Our Founder

   Our Founder, Angie Buchinger, was born and raised on a small dairy farm right outside Appleton, and though she’s lived in and loves many parts of the state, the Fox Valley is where she’ll always call “Home”.

   Angie Buchinger is a driven coach and trainer in the home improvement industry, specializing in creating systematic call centers, and engaged non-traditional marketing programs, all while driving growth for an organization. Angie spent several years of her career on the executive leadership team of Tundraland Home Improvements, where she focused on building marketing processes that revolve around operational excellence and passionate people development.

   From her rugby days, Buchinger believes a program can reach new heights when people are given purpose, cultivated, and shown the tools needed to be “Match MVP”. Often recruiting players with little or no rugby experience, Angie understands “people development” is a crucial piece to developing programs, not only successfully, but profitably. Like the teams she’s coached in the past, she understands the foundation for greater organizational performance is to first equip the players with knowledge, then inspire them to reach greater heights than they ever they ever thought possible.

   Angie has experience working with organizations ranging in size from startup to Fortune 500 companies. She has a depth of experience within the flooring industry , kitchen and bath business, the replacement window market, and the sunroom and outdoor living sector. Buchinger understands, like rugby, the key to winning is more than scoring the most points on game-day. She believes success is also about propagating the players to develop a fun culture, and acclimatizing the team to create an overwhelming victory in all they do.

   Angie Buchinger graduated from UW-Whitewater with a degree in Advertising and Psychology. Today she continues to level her experience in branding and understands, especially in a crowded market, the importance for a brand to stand out through operational excellence.

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